Cook’s Notes

All recipes have been tried and tested, I get my husband to make them, as he is not a cook I am hoping if he can manage, so can you. If you try a recipe and have a problem please ask for help.

All temperatures are centigrade for a fan-forced oven. You may need to increase your oven temperature by approximately 20ºC, if you don’t have a fan function.

All measurements are metric, training as a pastry chef and developing recipes means I weigh everything, but cup and spoon equivalents are given when possible.

I make most of the ingredients I use, like cashew yoghurt and plant-based parmesan. Ready made products can be used to replace these ingredients either plant-based or diary if you are vegetarian.

Read your recipe before you start! While most recipes are quite easy and fast once you have all your ingredients, some require preparation a day before – like soaking nuts. Many recipes can be prepared in segments and set aside to finish before serving, great for party food.