Cook’s Notes

Read the cook’s notes and then your recipe before you start! While most recipes are quite easy and fast once you have all your ingredients, some require preparation a day before – like soaking nuts. Many recipes can be prepared in segments and set aside to finish before serving for dinner or preparing food for a party.

All recipes have been tried and tested, proof read and edited. If you try a recipe and have a problem please ask for help.

All temperatures are centigrade for a fan-forced oven. You may need to increase your oven temperature by approximately 20ºC, if you don’t have a fan function.

All measurements are metric, when precise amounts are important I use weighed ingredients. If and exact amount won’t affect the outcome, a 250ml cup and 15ml tablespoon are used. Here is a page with equivalents for common ingredients.

My recipes focus on produce over products. Products such as egg and dairy replacements, I attempt to write recipes that can be made with ingredients common in many countries. Here is a list of plant-based essential recipes that can help extend your recipe repertoire.

I use terms ingredient names commonly used New Zealand and Scotland. For other ingredient equivalents try this list. Let me know if you have anything I could add.