About This Blog

I think life is at its best when you are able to consciously enjoy moments. Taking the time to appreciate amazing tastes, seeing and experiencing amazing places and enjoying the company of family and friends. I hope to write about these things to share my own experiences with you.


About Me

I have always liked to make things, experience things and share things. Sometimes I need a purpose or a reason to stretch myself, so this blog is intended give me inspiration or a reason to try something new – if I got it right then I hope it inspires others too.


Food Philosophy

Having studied and read widely, I have come to believe that humans should eat produce over products whenever possible. I have adopted a Whole-food Plant-Based Diet as a life-style choice, it is better for my health and the planet. I am not against purchasing products, but as a rule I try to avoid products I could never make at home.


Email: ishbel@callmeishbel.com

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