Vegan Smoked Salmon Pâté

This image features a rustic presentation of vegan smoked salmon pâté, served in a small glass jar with an orange clip-top lid, accompanied by a wooden spreader. The pâté has a chunky texture, with visible bits of red onion and green capers and dill. It's paired with several slices of multigrain crispbread, laid out on a wooden surface, which enhances the natural and wholesome look of the dish. The overall setting emphasizes a casual, homemade aesthetic, suitable for a relaxed snack or appetizer.

Is there anything more inviting than a spread of delicious canapés at a sophisticated soirée or a charming picnic? Imagine presenting a dish that not only boasts a luxurious feel but also caters to a plant-based lifestyle. Enter: Vegan Smoked Salmon Pâté. This culinary delight mirrors the rich, creamy texture and smoky, savoury flavours of its traditional counterpart while offering a fresh, exciting twist. Crafted from smoked carrots and vegan cream cheese, and brightened with the zest of lemon, capers, and dill, this pâté is sure to be a hit.

Vegan Smoked Salmon Pate



Prepare and measure the ingredients.

Pulse the ingredients in a food processor, blending until the desired texture is achieved – less for the rustic pate or terrine, longer to achieve a smooth pate. To mix by hand finely chop the ingredients and combine with a fork in a mixing bowl.


Add more of any ingredient to create a flavour balance that suits you, start with small amounts, mix and taste before adding more.

Portion into jars for picnics or platters. For a terrine, line a small baking tin with greaseproof paper, layer thinly sliced carrot salmon and fill with pâté before chilling to serve.

If not serving immediately, vegan smoked salmon pate will keep in the fridge for 5 days.

To serve

Oatcakes, rye crisps, freshly baked bread or pumpernickel are all classic pairings for a vegan smoked salmon pate. A wedge of lemon, pickled red onions , gherkins or green tomato caper berries or caper berries are all ideal accompaniments.

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