Crispy Jalapeño and Corn Cheese Balls – Dairy Free

Image of golden-brown crispy jalapeño and corn cheese balls served in a rustic bowl lined with parchment paper, with a side of green avocado dip and a swirl of chilli on mayonnaise. The bowl is placed on a dark wooden surface, accompanied by mini forks and a cloth napkin. In the soft-focus background, a pint of beer adds to the cozy pub atmosphere

Dive into the crunch and savour the kick! Our Crispy Jalapeño and Corn Cheese Balls are a dairy-free wonder, perfectly blending spicy jalapeños with sweet kernels of corn. Ideal as an appetiser or a fun snack. Encased in a crispy crumb, the warm cheesy centre is sweet with the corn, spicy from jalapeños and oozy! Everything you want from a crispy cheese ball – vegan or not.

This recipe isn’t a spur-of-the-moment creation – but stock your freezer with a batch (or two) of these cheesy delights, and you’re all set for any occasion. Perfect for warming up movie or game nights, or when you’re craving a comforting snack, these treats are always ready to heat and enjoy!

Crispy Jalapeño and Corn Cheese Balls



To make your easy cheesy dairy free sauce you will need to start a few days ahead.

In a mixing bowl combine cheesy sauce, corn kernels and jalapeños, the amount of jalapeños is unto you, I use about 1/4 cup. If you’d prefer a no-spice blend use finely diced green peppers or even broccoli florets.

To freeze

Once you have made your cheesy jalapeño corn mix, it needs to be portioned and frozen. Use sphere moulds, ice cube trays or mini muffin pans. Once frozen, store in freezer bags until needed.

To Serve

Choose your coating to pane/crumb your cheese balls. There are options to suit individual dietary needs. Best cooked from frozen, they can be crumbed and returned to the freezer until needed.

Deep fry, air fry or oven bake for an oil-free option. Cook until golden and warmed through.

Choose your dip. There are many ways to flavour an aquafaba mayonnaise, choose you favourite dip or two. Avocado whip is a tasty accompaniment or try a cashew yoghurt or soy sour cream for an oil-free condiment.

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