How to cook scallopini squash

a pink marble slab with a selection of different sized home grown scallopini squash

If you’re accustomed to cooking with zucchini, you will already know how to cook scallopini squash, also known as a patty pans. The soft but firm texture is akin to zucchini and they share the same mild and slightly sweet flavour. The main difference is in their form. Scallopini squash comes in hues from creamy white to pale green and yellow, and they present a distinct, slightly flattened round shape with scalloped edges.

Scallopini squash, similar to zucchini, are great at absorbing flavors. This makes them super versatile – you can sauté them, grill them, stew them, or even toss them raw into salads.

How to cook Scallopini Squash

Given the versatility of scallopini squash, here are some recipe ideas where it can seamlessly substitute for zucchini:

Or my favourite

Recipes for Stuffed Scallopini

3 yellow scallopini stuffed with plant-based ricotta

Though similar to zucchini in many ways, the scallopini’s unique shape lends itself exceptionally well to being stuffed. Stuffing vegetables is also a great way to re-invent leftovers and make a new dish that’s appealing. Some of these dishes even lend themselves to freezing for eating later – so make bigger batches and freeze them into portions for severing later – the recipes below with “❄” symbol are freezer-friendly.

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