December ’23 – My Favourite Cookbooks of the Month

A collection of vintage cookbooks for Books of the month of December '23

My Favourite Books of the Month of December ’23 differ from both Octobter and November quite drastically. Not just because I’m almost finished setting up the vegetable gardens, but because it’s Christmas!

Each year I like to add new seasonal recipes to my repertoire, this year it started with my Easy Vegan Christmas Cake. While glossy food pictures are inspiring, when it comes to adapting recipes for plant-based baked treats, I look at old cookbooks.

When I say old, I mean the early to mid 20th century. I discovered these cookbooks often had sections for egg and dairy-free baking due to war-time rationing. Converting these recipes is easy and a great place to start if you’re new to creating and adapting recipes for plant-based baking. They are often simple, using common everyday ingredients, without fancy equipment. The instructions are brief though, so there is an assumption that you can cook or understand cookery terms.

These cookbooks are treasures, I discovered recipes, Mushroom Ketchup is now a pantry staple, and Mock Whitebait Fritters inspired my interpretation of a Kiwi Classic. So don’t bypass old cookbooks. Flick through the contents and index, you may be surprised to find a treasure trove of classic recipes that are easy to adapt.

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