How to make a plant-powered breakfast

Collage of easy plant-based breakfast ideas

My aim is to prove that breakfast options can extend beyond just the mundane routine of toast or cereal. Even if your heart is set on toast, I’ll show you how to elevate it to a gourmet level. This is how to make a plant-powered breakfast.

My childhood breakfasts were super simple: toasts and spreads. Preparation was obviously straightforward too. Step one: make toast, step two: add spread from available selection (jam, honey, peanut butter or Marmite). I had a preference for Marmite, I don’t have a sweet tooth and I am allergic to peanuts. For the record, the same went for school lunches – step 1: select bread, step 2: add spread (see list above).

As I have grown older, my tastes (and skills) have become more “worldly”. These days I take inspiration for a variety of cuisines. I also try to use a wide variety of seasonal vegetables with every meal. It’s not just healthier, it also makes the food more interesting.

How to make a plant-powered breakfast

Below I have assembled some of my favourite influences and plant-based recipes to eat at breakfast time (or brunch, lunch or as a snack). I’m hoping that I can increase your palette and also give you inspiration to have more than just toast or cereal for your first meal of the day.

Mix ‘n’ match to create new parings for your toast or crostini or pack a sandwich for breakfast on the go. Roll fillings in a crepe or serve with egg-free French Toast for leisurely brunch. On special weekend mornings a homemade crumpet might even end up on our plates.

Something Green

A green tomato chutney is a tasty addition to any course and avocado whip can be served as both a spread or a dip. A green bean pâte might seem a bit fancy for breakfast, but all forms of beans on toast are a great way to start the day. And add a contrast colour to those tasty greens, with a quick pickled red onion.

Green bean pâte on crostini with herbed tofu ricotta
Silky avocado whip with easter egg radish erudite
Baby green broad beans on toast spread with cashew cheese, garnished with preserved lemon and chilli
a bowl of green tomato chutney with pink pepper corns and onion

A Taste of the Mediterranean

Many Mediterranean recipes are naturally flavour packed and have always been plant-based. In some countries hummus is traditionally a breakfast dish, not just a snack dip. Spread on a wholegrain bread and top with vegetables or serve with falafel for a protein packed way to start the day.

Full of eggplant, moutabel is another tasty dip that makes a delicious toast spread. To add a medley of vegetables with every bite, when in season, keep a jar of caponata in the fridge.

wholegrain freekeh and seed toast with hummus and fresh vegetable toppings
Moutabel, mutable or moutabbal, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds served with fresh pitta bread
Brown wooden board with crostini and colourful caponata antipasto

Something fruity and sweet

You may prefer something fruity and sweet to start your day. A quick and easy raspberry ripple is a low sugar jammy option. Date syrup is a whole food sweetener that you can easily make at home. Drizzle on a crumpet or swirl through a plant-based yoghurt served with granola for a quick and easy breakfast.

A stack of gluten-free buckwheat pancakes is always a welcome sight. On chilly mornings a warm and creamy of porridge with pear and cherry compote can be a welcome way to fuel up for the day.

A stock of banana buckwheat pancakes with oranges, pomegranate and pistachio
Plant-based Yoghurts, coconut, cashew and chocolate on a marble bench
Oatmeal porridge with coconut, raspberry coulis with chia seeds
A tray of Autumn Foragers granola with dried figs, apples, walnuts oats and blueberries

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