My favourite ways to use pumpkin

favourite ways to use pumpkin, baked, in bread , soup and salad

Versatile is a word often used to describe an ingredients, and pumpkin definitely is. This great storage crop can be used for many months beyond soup season and can be more than just a side vegetable for a Sunday roast. My favourite ways to use pumpkin include baked in a focaccia style bread, a tasty roasted salad, in a layered vegetable bake and of course in soup.

Most pumpkin varieties are interchange in these recipes. My homegrown favourites include the butterkin and butternut, smaller varieties with edible skin and sweet firm flesh. Choose your favourite local variety or one to suite size and tastes of your family.

Hollow pumpkin filled with Pumpkin and pepper soup topped with crispy parsnips and kale, served with seeded soda bread

Pumpkin & Pepper Soup with Soda Bread

Served inside a hollowed pumpkin shell, crispy kale and slivers of roasted parsnip make this soup centre piece worthy. Serve with soda bread.

Full recipe here.

Layered Baked Butterkin

Think dauphinoise or layered tray bake, but fancied up a bit. Kūmara (sweet potato), potato and sauce soubise, layered and baked inside a butterkin. Top it with a crown of thinly sliced potatoes and this humble dish dinner becomes party worthy.

Full recipe here.

Layered baked butter kin with portion removed

a bowl of red pepper soup with wedges of butterkin focaccia

Butterkin Focaccia with Red Pepper Soup

I prefer to load my meals with vegetables, so putting roasted butterkin in and on top of focaccia seemed perfect to me. Fresh from the oven, butterkin focaccia and a steaming bowl of red pepper soup is ideal for sharing. Whether a weekend lunch or a first course for a family dinner, this combo is light, full of flavour and very satiating.

No butterkin, no problem, just use your favourite pumpkin.

Full recipe here.

Turtle Bean & Butternut Salad

This great salad is a combination of colours, shapes and textures. Roasted butternut, herby turtle beans greens, cherry tomatoes and quick-pickled red onions. Creamy cashew feta is the perfect finishing touch.

Full recipe here.

Turtle bean and butternut salad with green herb dressing

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