How to make soy sour cream or yoghurt

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There are times a recipe seems too simple to write down and share. Describing how to make soy sour cream or yoghurt – using just two ingredients, felt too simple to write about. But it’s so easy, versatile and cheap, I really had to share it.

It started from leftovers. I had out-dated probiotic powder and leftover soy milk. I put them both in the fermenter and I left them alone for a few days – when I checked again the magic of fermentation had created the perfect sour yoghurt or cream. Since then I’ve made this recipe many times and have found it to be extremely dependable.

How to make soy sour cream or yoghurt

I have used organic soy milk from a tetra pack and homemade soy milk (made solely from soy beans and water). Both have worked, but the organic soy seems to be creamier. Another bonus is that if you save a few tablespoons of a batch you can use it a starter. Just add it to a fermenter with fresh soy milk.

Like a sour dough starter, it’s ideal for sharing with anyone who wants to try making their own.


  • 2-3 tsp dairy-free probiotic powder
  • 1 litre soy milk


Add 2-3 teaspoons of probiotic powder and 1 litre of soy milk to a fermenter and set aside. If you don’t own a fermenter, you can make your own or simply secure a clean breathable cloth over a jar.

It will take 24 – 48 hours depending on the temperature of your home. Lift and tilt the jar to see if it has set.

Dairy-Free Yoghurt

Lift and tilt the jar to see if it has set. If it has solidified with a small amount of liquid on the surface or at the base of the jar. Drain the liquid or strain through a sieve lined with cheese cloth or or clean towel.

Dairy-Free Sour Cream

For a thicker sour cream like product, leave it for approximately 12-24 hours or until the mixture has split and there will be more liquid spread through the jar. Strain in the same way you would yoghurt.


The pronounced sour flavour makes this recipe ideal for using as both sour cream or yoghurt. You can create flavoured yoghurts to serve with breakfast or deserts. Ideal for a nut-free tzatziki or or stir through your favourite chilli sauce. With a second straining, you can make an extra thick yoghurt for delicious homemade Labneh.

For soy-free homemade yoghurts you might like these easy adaptable recipes, or if you’re concerned about using soy this article explains some of the common myths.

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