Easy dairy-free Cheeses for beginners

Four types of easy very cheeses for beginners

There may come a time when you want to create a dairy-free version of a favourite dish. My easy dairy-free cheeses can to help you, they can help develop familiar flavours and textures in your dish. Of course, you might be lucky enough to be able to buy a variety of dairy-free cheeses where you live, but if you have the time to make them, these no-cook cheese alternatives are extremely easy and may help you save money (and the planet) too.

I’m sharing my four “go to” dairy-free cheeses, including a variation that really makes five. These simple no-cook cheese alternatives are perfect for people starting their journey to a plant-based lifestyle.

Making easy plant-based parmesan for beginners

Plant-based Parmesan

If you’re new making plant-based cheese, the plant-based parmesan is a good place to start. It is the simplest plant-based cheese to make, simply grind the ingredients and mix together. A sprinkle of it enhances the umami of any dish.

A simple variation (making the fifth recipe) is to just take this recipe a step further, using fermentation to develop the cheesy flavour. So same, as above, but add time.

Keep either of these cheeses in jar on hand and add a sprinkle to your pasta or add to a plant-based pesto.

To make a béchamel (white) sauce more cheesy, the umami hit from either of the plant-based parmesans will do the trick and can enhance many a dish.


A bowl of easy plant-based Cashew Tofu cream cheese beside freshly baked seeded overnight bread.

Cashew & Tofu Cream Cheese

If you’re still drawn to “traditional” spreads while you’re transitioning to a plant-based diet, you’ll love this. It has a lot of the creaminess and acidity that you may have enjoyed from dairy cream cheese.


Easy Cashew Cheese on a plant-based Cheese board

Cashew Feta Style Cheese

This homemade cashew cheese is the perfect dairy-free addition to any plant-based platter, stuffing for a peppadew or serving on canapes. You could also use almonds or sunflower seeds for a nut – free cheese


 Asparagus Tofu-Ricotta Tart and Cashew Nut Hollandaise

Tofu Ricotta

Super simple, no-cook tofu ricotta is the ideal alternative in recipes where a traditional ricotta was originally used. You could make a wild green pie, stuff zucchini cannelloni or serve in a tasty asparagus tart.


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