Avocado Whip and Radishes

Silky avocado whip with easter egg radish erudite


During lockdown, a routine has become even more important than usual. Working from home we have started having an after work catch-up. We sit and chat on the porch, about our day, even though we now work in the same house. During this time we like to have a wee snack.  Avocado Whip is the perfect dip to make one avocado go further. Smooth, fresh and zesty with a hint of chilli, the perfect dip for fresh crunchy radishes or other crudite.

Avocado Whip


Season to taste with chilli powder, lime juice and salt and ground white pepper


Blend avocado with aquafaba mayonnaise, add lime juice, chilli and seasonings a little at a time until you like the taste.

Chill before serving with fresh radishes or other crudite.


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