Pear & Cherry Compote with Creamy Porridge

A blue pottery bowl of Pear & Cherry Compote with Creamy Porridge

During Autumn we thought we should serve our B’n’B guests a more traditionally Scottish option for breakfast. The thought of plain-old porridge (oatmeal) for breakfast didn’t excite me, so I decided to make a version that I would be happy to eat – smooth creamy porridge with pear & cherry compote (no added refined sugar). The pears are in season and lovely this time of year. The dark sweet cherries are frozen but are consistently delicious and when combined with the zest of lemon and a dash of agave (optional), they create a magic combo. No extra milk or sugary topping needed here.

Unlike some porridge recipes which instruct you to stir continuously, this method is fast and easy. The creaminess comes from the addition of oat milk to the mixture – an idea my husband had which seems totally logical when you think about it. The first thing to do is to get your compote on to a gentle simmer, make your tea or coffee then move on to making your porridge and you’ll have a delicious and healthy breakfast ready to eat. The great thing about porridge and compote is it’s just as easy to make a serving for 2 or 8, just multiply the ingredients in bigger pots.

Pear & Cherry Compote


  • 150g Sweet dark cherries – frozen are great-tasting and affordable
  •  80ml water
  •  2 pears – peeled, cored and sliced, depending on how ripe they are determines how thin I slice them, they soften faster when ripe, I like them to maintain their shape
  •  Zest of a lemon, unwaxed and washed
  •  1 tsp Agave syrup, this is optional and really dependent on the pears, though using a little does add a very nice vanilla note. Use the agave depending on your own tastes, when considering how ripe the pears are and how sweet you like your food.

This compote is simple to make and lasts for unto 5 days in the fridge


Put all the ingredients into a small saucepan (for a small portion) and gently simmer. From time to time gently turn the fruit to ensure the pears cook and the cherries warm through.

Oat Milk Porridge- serves 2


  •  220ml cold water
  •  80ml oat milk
  •  60g porridge oats
  •  a pinch of salt


The porridge will take less than 3 minutes to prepare for a serving of 2.

Combine the oats, cold water, oat milk and a dash of salt to a small pan. The amount of salt is to personal taste, if you’re Scottish it might be more. Start the pan on high heat. Leave the oats to come to a boil. As soon as the oats begin to boil begin stirring vigorously with a wooden spoon or a spurtle if you have one handy – stir for 90 seconds or until the porridge takes on a creamy consistency.

Try this topping on Buckwheat Banana Pancakes or Roll in a Crêpe for a healthy dessert

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